Tatjana Pieters

Hans Vandekerckhove in An Invitation to Eternity, Solo exhibition, 15.10.2022 - 21.01.2023, Adornes, Bruges (BE)

Anneke Eussen in FATA MORGANA, Group exhibition, 18.09 - 15.10.2022, HorizonVerticaal, Haarlem (NL)

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Fleur De Roeck in 30 ONDER 30, Group exhibition, 09.09 - 16.10.2022, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)

Charles Degeyter in 30 ONDER 30, Group exhibition, 09.09 - 16.10.2022, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)

Fleur De Roeck in Aqualex concept store, Group exhibition at Aqualex, 31.08 - 13.11.2022, Knokke (BE)

Derek Sullivan in Sculpture as Verb , Group exhibition, 19.08 - 11.12.2022, Gund Gallery, Ohio (US)

Ilke Cop, The Pillars of Watou, Interview with Dave Bruel

Indrikis Gelzis in VAGABOND \ A PLACE HARD TO PLACE /, Summer screening + exhibition, 03.08 - 31.08.2022, Jenny's, New York (US)

Derek Sullivan at AGO, Solo room presentation, 29.06 - 21.09.2022, AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), Ontario (CA)

Ben Edmunds in Grue, Group exhibition at The Shophouse, 06.07 - 08.08.2022, Hong Kong (CN)

Ilke Cop in Kunstenfestival Watou, Art Festival, 02.07 - 04.09.2022, Poperinge (BE)

Anneke Eussen with DOCUMENT in Foreland, Group exhibition, 01.07-24.07.2022, New York (USA)

Felix Beaudry with SITUATIONS in Foreland, Group exhibition, 01.07-24.07.2022, New York (USA)

Ilke Cop in Proche, Group exhibition at Ancienne Belgique, 01-02.07.2022, Brussels (BE)

Anneke Eussen in What's in an artwork?, Group exhibition at Gosset Site (HISK), 16.06 - 17.07.2022, Brussels (BE)

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Fleur De Roeck in Making Fun, Group exhibition at De Warande, 15.05 - 14.08.2022, Turnhout (BE)

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Ben Edmunds 'To The Studio', podcast

Fleur De Roeck in Aqualex concept store, Group exhibition at Aqualex, 22.03 - 31.08.2022, Knokke (BE)

Fleur De Roeck in Cueillir les fleurs en dansant, Group exhibition at Destelheide, 10.03 - 30.06.2022, Dworp (BE)

Fleur De Roeck in *laughing in background* *footsteps approaching* *clatter continues*, Group exhibition at ARTI ET AMICITIAE, 09.04-08.05.2022, Amsterdam (NL)

Ria Bosman in GELAAGDE RUST, Duo exhibition with Ignace De Vos at AP'ART, 05.03 - 15.05.2022, Ghent (BE)

Ilke Cop in Occupy the city, Duo exhibition with Margot Van Den Berghe at MAD, 28.03 - 19.04.2022, Brussels (BE)

Ilke Cop in Ruby & (more) friends, Group exhibition at Ruby Gallery, 24.03 - 30.04.2022, Brussels (BE)

Indrikis Gelzis in Galleryviewer, YAWN HOLDING FIELDS Interview with Indrikis Gelzis

Indrikis Gelzis in Knack, in de galerie: Indrikis Gelzis

Indrikis Gelzis in Collect België, Oprukkend talent Indrikis Gelzis

Charles Degeyter in Qu'il pende, Installation at Sint-Baafs Kathedraal, until 27.04.2022, Ghent (BE)

Hans Vandekerckhove at Eden Kunstenfestival, Group exhibition at Ne9enPuntne9en, 12.03 - 10.04.2022, Roeselare (BE)

Elizabeth Ibarra in Dancing in a black hole, Solo exhibition at Simchowitz, 12.03 - 02.04.2022, Los Angeles (US)

Gallery Viewer, De keuze van... Joost Vanhaerents

Audrey Cottin booklaunch at SB34-Clovis, 26.02 from 3 to 6 pm, Brussels (BE)

Chiara Fumai Poems I Will Never Release, 2007 - 2017,solo exhibition at La Casa Encendida, 04.02 - 01.05.2022, Madrid (ES)

Ben Edmunds Closer To The Wind,solo exhibition at L21, 21.01 – 09.03.2022, Palma (ES)

Anneke Eussen Blank Pages,solo exhibition at Document, 08.01 – 26.02.2022, Chicago (US)

Gallery Viewer, De keuze van... Tanguy Van Quickenborne

Matthijs Kimpe in The Art Couch, Matthijs Kimpe: “Vanuit het nieuws op die donderdagavond ontstond zo een nieuw spannend beeld.”January 2022

Olga Fedorova in The Art Couch, Een eerste soloshow voor Olga Fedorova bij Tatjana Pieters in Gent, The Art Couch, November 2021

Olga Fedorova on Art Viewer, Olga Fedorova at Tatjana Pieters, Art Viewer, November 2021

Ben Edmunds in No Painting, Group exhibition at Copperfield Gallery, 11.11.2021 - 29.01.2022, London (UK)

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Elizabeth Ibarra in Moth.ers Na.ture, Group exhibition at Jac Forbes Gallery, Malibu (US)

Indrikis Gelzis in Force[d] Majeure, Group exhibition by Kim? Contemporary Art Center, in collaboration with Hanzas Perons and Novum Riga Charitable Foundation, 02.09 - 31.12.2021, Riga (LV)

Derek Sullivan in Two Truths and a Lie, Group exhibition at Oakville Galleries, 18.09 - 30.12.2021, Oakville (CA)

Charles Degeyter in the low countries, Charles Degeyter blurs the boundaries of the natural world, Ian Mundell, the low countries, April, 2021

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Ben Edmunds in Sabato, Ben Edmunds bij Tatjana Pieters, Sabato, March, 2021

Anneke Eussen at Marinaro Gallery, 04.03 - 11.04.21, Marinaro Gallery, New York (USA)

Tatjana Pieters in Gallery Viewer, The Gallery of... Tatjana Pieters, Oscar Van Gelderen, Gallery Viewer, February, 2021

Olga Fedorova in Coeval-Magazine, Olga Fedorova, Imke Rabiega, Coeval-Magazine, January, 2021

Anneke Eussen in CYCLE, 07.11 - 20.12.20, Park, Tilburg (NL)

Chiara Fumai, Poems I Will Never Release, 2007-2017, 28.11.20 - 28.02.21, Centre D'Art Contemporain, Geneve (CH)

Olga Fedorova in archive section of Contemporary Attitude, December, 2020

Hans Vandekerckhove Artist talk, live on Zoom (dutch), Hans Vandekerckhove in conversation with Toon Delanote, October 13

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Ben Edmunds at Art Taipei, Art Fair with Asia Art Center, 23 - 26.10.20, Taipei (TW)

Olga Fedorova in HYPERTENSION, Group exhibition with Johanna Bruckner, Stine Deja, Olga Fedorova & Katrin Niedermeier, 25.09 - 24.10.20, PYLON-Lab, Dresden (DE)

Olga Fedorova in bip-2020, Biennale de l'image possible, 19.09 - 25.10.20, Luik (BE)

Indrikis Gelzis: Figure of Everything, 17.09 - 31.10.20, Castor Gallery, London (UK)

Hans Vandekerckhove in The Art Couch, 'Hans Vandekerckhove presenteert 'Voltaire's Advice' bij Tatjana Pieters”, Annelies Vanbelle, The Art Couch, September 2020

Anneke Eussen in Limburg Biënnale, 05.09 - 15.11.20, Marres, Maastricht (NL)

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Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver: Cinematic Illumination, Aug 2020 - Feb 2021, MoMA, New York (USA)

Felix Beaudry in Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, 03.08 - 17.08.2020, Antwerp (BE)

Olga Fedorova in Inner Spaces / Biennial of Painting, 26.07 - 18.10.20, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Museum Roger Raveel & Mudel (BE)

Anneke Eussen in re-cyclage / sur-cyclage, 20.06 - 01.11.20, Villa Datris, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (FR)

Charles Degeyter: Rupahu Island, Summer Residency, Jun - Sep 2020, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (BE)

Birde Vanheerswynghels in . Uit de Collectie / Poetic Faith, Group exhibition, 08.02 - 11.10.20, S.M.A.K., Ghent (BE)

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