Tatjana Pieters


a conversation with Dolly Bing Bing, Ilke Cop and Neoza Goffin about self-love in contemporary art moderated by Uschi Cop

14.02.2022 / 20h

On February 14, Galerie Tatjana Pieters in Ghent will leave the one-on-one dates for what they are and the rebels will go on the road with three artists. Dolly Bing Bing, Ilke Cop and Neoza Goffin lovingly place the self-portrait at the center of their artistic work. Together with writer Uschi Cop they will discuss what it means to be an artist in this society. Among other things, the intertwining of social media with the creative process, the role of intersectional feminism and the evolution towards a more holisticmakership are discussed. Be surprised by the practice of these idiosyncratic artists and warm the gallery with your presence!

You can also follow this conversation via livestream.

This conversation takes place in the context of the double solo exhibition of Ilke Cop and Dolly Bing Bing ft. Wannes Cré and Neoza Goffin, brought together by Tatjana Pieters as a total experience in which the artistic discourse of all artists cross-fertilizes each other.

Dolly Bing Bing (°1986), Elisabeth Van Dam's alter ego, lives and works in Belgium and Brazil. She describes herself as a Gesamtkunstwerk: she makes music, sings, dances, sculpts, draws and performs. She has a PhD in philosophy, is a widowed mother. Her work questions the boundaries of the body, the machine and gender. The multimedia exhibition 'Core of Bambi' is Dolly's first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Ilke Cop (°1988) lives and works in Belgium. She has a master's degree in art sciences and has her own fashion label. In her visual work she focuses on the position of the female artist and questions the mechanisms behind privilege, authorship and representation. At Tatjana Pieters, Ilke Cop shows two related series of oil paintings and installation art, Prolific and Bountiful.

Neoza Goffin (°1997) obtained her master's degree in photography at the KASK in Ghent. In her art practice she fuses spiritual elements with themes such as sex positivity, body diversity, multiculturalism and gender neutrality. At the invitation of Dolly Bing Bing & Tatjana Pieters, Neoza is showing a total installation with unique photo works and sculptures. The installation also refers to the setting of the new video clip 'Readiness is all' by Stef Kamil Carlens & Dolly Bing Bing, in which Neoza can also be seen.

Uschi Cop (°1988) is a prose writer and founder of the Hyster-x collective, which connects female and non-binary makers.